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About Karmaloop

Karmaloop is a streetwear retailer with an in-your-face style that smashes the expectations of the fashion industry with its individual looks. It came onto the scene in 2000, started by former graffiti artist and break dancer Greg Selkoe, and has store locations in Boston, New York City, and Nørresundby, Denmark!

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More facts about «Karmaloop»

Karmaloop is no mere online streetwear shop. Karmaloop is a revolt against the sinister cosmic forces of conformist clothing, a light unto the masses suffering under the yoke of monotonous commercial fashion. WIth a lifestyle brand determined to break the chokehold of the evil empire, Greg Selkoe began an uprising from the bunker of his parents' basement destined to restore justice and individual style to the fashion world. His efforts have been rewarded with commercial success, a number of entrepreneurial awards, TV coverage from Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television, and an invitation to the White House. The Karmaloop online store carries dozens of brands chosen for their revolutionary energy, from Class Villain, the preferred t-shirt producer of discerning miscreants, to King Ice, a respected manufacturer of dope bling and iced-out grillz for East-side hustlaz. The Radii brand offers quilted hats and The Basic Red Red shoes – as the name suggests, radically red from the soles to the shoelaces without so much as a trace of another color. The women's collection includes black hot pants and a t-shirt from the Wifey Project featuring a beer-chugging wifey repairing a classic Chevy. The force is strong with those who use Karmaloop promo codes straight from ChaseCode in the battle against bland fashion. Your Karmaloop coupon code from ChaseCode is live munition in the fight against bland fashion!