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  Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document explains how we collect information from you, how we use and protect it. All this guidelines are subject to change for improvement matters only.

  1. Personal Informatio

    During your registration and/or signing up for a subscription we may collect such information as your name and email address. You can also connect to using your Facebook or Twitter account. We use Google Analytics software on our website. It may collect additional information like your age and/or gender, etc. This information will only be used to improve current website and deliver you with the best service available.

  2. Cookies

    We may also use “cookies” to better fulfill your needs. Cookies are small bites of information with you web experience that are being stores in your browser. You can turn them off any time. However, those cookies help us a lot with understanding your current needs.

  3. COPPA regulation

    According to The Children’s Online Privacy Policy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998 there may be some/any product and/or services on that should not be used by children under age of 13.

  4. Content Removal

    If you want to remove materials you’ve posted on just contacts us and we will resolve an issue.

Page last updated April 2015