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B&H Photo and Video is a professional photo, video, and audio equipment retailer with a single brick-and-mortar store boasting 70,000 square feet of sales space in Manhattan, New York City, and global reach thanks to its worldwide shipping convenient PayPal and Google Checkout payment options!

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More facts about «BH Photo»

B&H Photo has supplied film and photography professionals with cameras, lighting, and the electronics they need for their jobs since 1973. Beginning in the earlier days of mail-order catalogs, they gained their customers' trust by honestly advertising and consistently delivering film, cameras, and developing supplies. Starting with a modest retail location and ads in magazines read by their customer base, B&H grew to include its current flagship Superstore and an online shop accepting PayPal and shipping to countries all around the world. Its low prices on industry-quality optics also make B&H an attractive supplier for the amateur phtographer, film-maker, bird- or star-watcher, or garage band singer. From the newest Canon DSLR cameras with a 22.3 megapixel sensor 1080p video recording to traditional Nikon 35mm film cameras with manual focus for an untoppable control over the look of your images, photographers of all stripes and styles will find the perfect gear for their needs. Studio cameras with from Blackmagic wth hi-res LCD displays and solid magnesium alloy bodies stand up to the toughest demands of the television and film production industry. Thanks to to B&H promo codes brought to you by its ChaseCode discount cooperation, additional discounts on B&H's competitive prices are as simple as redeeming your B&H coupon code from ChaseCode when checking out for your next purchase!