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Market America offers entrepreneurs a complete framework to start their own businesses and achieve financial independence, with over 3 million Preferred Customers and 180,000 Shop Consultants in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the UK, Signapore, Canada, and the US. Its UnFranchise Business system promises 30-50% profit thanks to intelligent marketing, airtight logstics, and the opportunity to work together with other up-and-coming players in the same branch!

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More facts about «Market America»

Market America is a service that helps aspiring entrepreneurs find the products for their markets, identifying and delivering the brands destined for sales success in a given niche. Its revolutionary concept started helping start-up entrepreneurs found business in 1992 in the North Carolina home of JR and Loren Ridinger, moved into its first warehouse in 1993, and began operating in Canada and 1994. An early adopter of web marketing technology, the company as soon drawing four-figure crowds to its events and reached $100 million reatil sales by 1999. The 2000s were marked by partnerships with Google and other big names in the internet marketing landscape, dynamic andvertizing, and continued growth in sales. Today, Market America's UnFranchise Business model systematizes, standardizes and manages the stock of its owners, who can start selling with low start-up costs from a ready-made online shop while delegating much of the administration and logistics to Market America. Thanks to the tried-and-true technical infrastructure provided by Market America, owners of the businesses its serve can spend more time serving customers and making themselves financially independent. Market America coupon codes brought to you by a ChaseCode sale cooperation make it possible to save on comprehensive logistics and one-to-one marketing services for start-up entrepreneurs. Apply a Market America coupon today for ChaseCode discounts on a package that will help you achieve financial independence!