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Microsoft, producer of the world's most widely-used operating system and the Xbox game console, counts more than 128,000 employees and generates over $22 billion in annual revenue. Manufacturing locations in Dublin, Ireland, and Humacao, Puerto Rico produce phones running the portable Windows operating system and the Microsoft Band, a novel smart watch, which it sells worldwide. Its newest OS, Windows 10, was unveiled to the public at the beginning of 2015!

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No one does PC software and hardware like Microsoft, the company that brought the world Windows, the globally most widely-used operating system, the universally-used Microsoft Office productivity applications, and the best-selling Xbox game consoles. Microsoft set off on its march to the top of the operating system business in 1980 with a proprietary version of Unix. MS-DOS, the forerunner and basis of Windows, was born in 1981 out of a deal with IBM. Because other companies were able to reverse-engineer and write software for the new operating system, and due to wide availability of popular software for MS-DOS, it grew into the dominant system that became Windows and rocketed Microsoft into the position of the leader operating system supplier during the 1990s tech boom. Today its product line, available in its online store, includes Microsoft Surface, a bleeding-edge series of touch tablets for business and creative applications, Lumia phones from Nokia with dual sim card capabilities, and the latest Halo games for Xbox One. Of course Microsoft shoppers can also buy the lastest in Windows operating systems, the revolutionary Windows 8.1. You can save on top products with Microsoft coupons from ChaseCode. To get more computing power and software for your dollar, just enter your Microsoft voucher code at checkout for ChaseCode savings!