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Musician's Friend, a retailer of instruments, music electronics and stage gear based in Westlake Village, California, offers shipping overall in the world, covering North and South America, Asia, and Africa, and supports its customers with a call center in Salt Late City. The company gives back to the community via the Musician's Friend Charitable Giving Committee, which promotes musical education in the places where its employees live!

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More facts about «Musician's Friend»

Musician's Friend, today the largest retailer of music gear in the world, had its humble beginnings in the Californian garage of Rob an DeAnna Eastman. Starting with guitar strings and a few other basics, the Eastmans eventually expanded their modest catalog into the widest selection of music instruments, accessories, electronics, and band gear in the world. In the 2000s, their innovative online shop brought in a long list of awards and top rankings from PRS Guitars, the U.S. Music Corporation and e-business expert groups. The store carries everything a band needs to rock the stage, from standard, bass and even double-neck electric guitars from Axl, B.C. Rich, Daisy Rock, and Depinto to MIDI keyboards from Arturia and Livid and dynamic microphones for live performances. Electronic musicians don't come up short thanks to Musician's Friend's selection of powerful audio software packages, which include Fruity Loops, MOT Digital Performer, and music scanning programs from Musitek, among others. Everything that belongs to a well-equipped DJ boot can also be found, be it a professional or controller from American Audio, ART or BBE or a turntable from Gemini, Pioneer, or Stanton. It's never been easier to save with Musician's Friend coupons provided by the Musician's Friend voucher cooperation with ChaseCode. WIth Musician's Friend promo codes, get even better values for your band thanks to ChaseCode savings!