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PC Mall, which sells IT services and computer equipment from 30 locations in the US, Canada and the Philippines, has an annual direct revenue of $ 1.4 billion and employs 2,7000 worldwide. Founded by Sam and Frank Khulusi in 1987, it now educates business as well as educational and governmental organizations regarding the best choice of software and hardware!

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PCM brings technology products – software, servers, logistical systems and hardware – from producers straight to their end users, educating the latter about how they work and what they can do. Its customers – businesses of all sizes, technology manufacturers, and government institutions – benefit from PCM's expertise when acquiring, implementing, and servicing IT systems for a wide variety of applications. PCM had its start in 1987 as a direct marketing catalog, distributed via print media and the Internet in the days before it became the web. The catalog first carried the Commodore Amiga, an early desktop computer until PCM starting selling Apple computers in 1994. In 1996 starting its first web site, and in 2012 PCM purchased land to build a data center that now forms the backbone of its new super-secure, Cisco-certified cloud data services. PCM's digital solutions span from software for digital collaboration, and information security to the integration of mobile applications into organizations' IT infrastructure. PCM not only sells memory, networking equipment, scanners, printers, monitors and projectors, as well as desktops and laptops for business and organization use; it also provides its clients with knowledgeable consulting about the products that are best for their organizations. With PCM voucher codes, ChaseCode discounts on IT products chosen based on the best professional guidance are as easy as copy and paste. Acquire a PCM coupon and apply the code to your next purchase for ChaseCode savings on an intelligent investment in your IT infrastructure!