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Peapod, the original online grocery store now partnered with Giant, offers online shopping for delivery or pickup at the nearest Giant location. The company delivers more than 23 million orders in 24 majors US regions, and can fulfill your grocery needs on the next day or with up to two weeks advance notice. Peapod now operates more than a hundred virtual grocery stores in train stations across the East Coast!

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More facts about «Peapod»

Peapod was established in 1989 by the brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, who were at once the very first entrepreneurs to implement the idea of online grocery shopping and first to launch a business focused exclusively on e-commerce. In 1990 they delivered modems to customers so that they could connect to Peapod, and throughout the 1990s they expanded and grew along with the technology of the Internet, expanding across Illinois, then spreading to the East Coast. Today Peapod's stores are stocked with more than 12,000 fresh products, and its trademark green delivery trucks are known and loved by its customers wherever it delivers. In the produce section, online shoppers find fruits and vegetables, herbs, and organic produce. In the digital meat and seafood aisle, one can browse through a broad selection of bacon, beef, fowl, and grass-fed goods, as well as tofu cutlets for the vegetarian chef. The selection of breakfast cereals includes classics such as Quaker oatmeal, Kellog's Mini Wheats and Raisin bran, and Cheerios. Fresh eggs, milk, Kraft cheese and and Dannon and Yoplait yoghurt are to be found in the well-stocked dairy section. Peapod can even feed the family cat or dog with Purina dog food and Friskies cat food. Thanks to exclusive Peapod vouchers, ChaseCode sales make its prices even more competitive with those of traditional grocery stores. Enter your Peapod promo code and save on groceries from the convenience of your home PC thanks to ChaseCode's Peapod coupon cooperation!