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ThinkGeek, the store based in Fairfax, Virginia where nerd pride determines what's held in stock since 1999, sells merchandise from Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and Star Trek, believes in extraterrestrial life, and is glad to supply you with a costume for your favorite costume character, no matter how nerdy!

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More facts about «ThinkGeek»

Certain ideas can only come from a geek, and since 1999, they have a place where they can belong: ThinkGeek, the website for nerdy fashion, tools, toys and tech. The practical futurists from GeekLabs have masterminded a 15" tall RJ-D2 droid that responds to voice commands, the Flying F*CK helicopter, and giant lobster hand gloves because – why not? When the office guerilla from the IT department bombards HR with a rapid-file hailstorm of NERF darts or a well-placed shot into the coffee pot, chances are that he's armed himself for the assault at ThinkGeek, home to NERF foam sniper rifles and automatic weapons. NERF t-shirts include themes from Marvel cartoons, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and the official Periodic Table of Transformers. In the baby department, geek parents can find bodysuits for their offspring reading "n00b" and Mindcraft hoodies in children's sizes. Of course, no portal for the binarily inclined would be complete without a collection of video games: ThinkGeek carries Minecraft, World of WarCraft, Dungeons & Dragons, N DOTA 2, and Mass Effect as well as Xbox console. Geek out with ChaseCode ThinkGeek promo codes for epic savings – just input your ThinkGeek coupon code from ChaseCode at checkout to win at the internet!