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About Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe, founded by Jeffrey Horowitz in 1977 and headquartered in North Bergen, New Jersey, sells nutritional and sports supplements at more than 700 stores across the US, and in Canada as VitaPath!

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More facts about «Vitamin Shoppe»

The Vitamin Shoppe sells 26,000 health and fitness supplements from 400 nationally trusted brands to support your health and personal fitness, whatever your needs or goals. It rewards members of its free Healthy Awards club with tens of millions in free merchandise every year for coming back to its uniquely well-stocked stores, manned by no-pressure salespeople who know the products they sell. It stocks basic supplements to ensure a sufficient supply of the letter vitamins, men's and women's multivitamins, omega fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals from calcium to zinc. The Vitamin Shoppe is a weight-lifter's paradise, with muscle-building protein shakes in all varieties, including vegan plant-based proteins, weight gain blends, drinks and shakes, and protein bars. The Vitamin Shoppe also carries a number of products that will help you reach a healthy weight, including coffee bean extract, carb and fat blockers, and hunger-supressing stimulants that reduce snacking throughout the day. Its probiotics, super foods, and fiber-rich grains support healthy digestion and all-around natural energy. With the ChaseCode discounts delivered by Vitamin Shoppe promo codes available exclusively from ChaseCode, there's a new way to do the right thing for your body. Snag a Vitamin Shoppe coupon code for healthy values on your next online purchase at Vitamin Shoppe!