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Walgreens is part of the worldwide Walgreens Boots Alliance, formed in 2014 with the British pharmacy chain Boots, which serves customers in the UK, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Norway, Ireland and Lithuania with its 4,589 stores. The 8,230 US stores in all 50 states and the US territories do most of their business with prescription drugs, filling more than 8 million prescriptions a year!

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Walgreens' story begins in the small town of Dixon, Illinois, where Charles G. Walgreen took his first job at Horton's Drugstore after an accident in a shoe factory ended his career as an athlete. In 1893 he arrived nearly penniless in Chicago, where he encountered a tough field of competition, but also a place where he could implement his ideas for improvement. Walgreen soon transformed the dank and dusty old pharmacy into a warm and welcoming corner store, where customers could buy his high-quality self-manufactured compounds. Where other drugstores closed their soda fountains in the winter as they were unable to sell cold drinks, Walgreens served hearty warm food cooked by his wife from his gleaming soda bar. The same spirit of customer-friendly innovation makes itself felt today on Walgreens' user-friendly shopping website, where customers can fulfill prescriptions online, manage their prescription records, track their healthcare appointments and insurance information, and schedule immunizations all in one place. Contact lens wearers can conveniently order and reorder their lenses at competitive prices. Walgreens carries affordable over-the-counter medications for every situation, from Advil, Aleve, and BenGay pain relief products to Mucinex decongestants and Vicks Night- and Dayquil cold remedies. For ChaseCode savings on your health, wellness and grocery needs, stay updated on Walgreens promo code offers. Enter your Walgreens coupon when checking out for your online purchase, and take advantage of ChaseCode discounts at America's most trusted pharmacy!