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Weight Watchers has helped its subscribers on their journey to a healthier weight for more than 50 years, and grew from a group of girlfriends to the coordinator of weight reduction meetings and intelligent nutrition and exercise plans for millions of subscribers around the world!

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More facts about «Weight Watchers»

Weight Watchers, founded in 1963, helps its clients reach and maintain a healthy weight through better eating, exercise, and personalized planning based the principles of nutrition science. Its founder Jean Nidetch made her start with discussions about weight loss among friends in her apartment in Queens, New York. Because weight loss is easier with a friend, the concept caught on and developed over 50 years. The Weight Watchers principle is simple: When one eats fewer calories than one burns – 1,000 a day to be exact – weight loss is the natural result. Subscribers select a target body mass index within the medically recognized healthy range in a consultation with a Weight Watchers weight reduction expert. They then receive a flexible nutrition plan compatible with a number of other diet approaches, set up according to the patented PointsPlus system. The innovative online eTools system allows subcribers to track their progress and access helpful information. The core of the WeightWatchers services is its regular meetings, which offer a positive incentive to stay on track. WeightWatchers has also begun to offer personal coaching, which allows for individual phone calls, emails, and accountability. Weight Watchers vouchers brought to you by a limited ChaseCode savings program are one more reason to start down the path to a healthier, more attractive you today. Enter your Weight Watchers coupon code for affordable access to great ChaseCode deals!